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Experience And Dedication

We are passionate about our work. Our experienced data center staff stays ahead of the curve to provide effective web hosting services to make your business stand out.

Proven Track Record - 20+ Years

Comprehensive Web Server Backups

Transparent Incidence Reporting

Consistent Optimized Results

Niche Industries Served

Custom Websites Created

Websites Ranked on Page One

Satisfied Clients All Over North America


What Happy Clients Said About Us

We serve 1,000’s of clients providing stable VoIP and unified communications. We couldn’t do it without the team at Hosting.express

Joe Garvey, Talktel.ca

We have offices in several cities across western Canada and all of them are connected, sharing a common database and storing all business documents in one place. The incredible savings and single unified organization has made us the most competitive in our market.

Samantha Martin, Guesttrack.com

We have trusted Hosting.express and their team since 1999. We have never had a support issue and they were always able to meet our growing needs for scalability even before the cloud became the cloud.

Garrett Packer, Liveport.com

You will Appreciate

Our Excellent Features

Fast Load Times

GigE connections to the world and cached high speed drives guarantee fast load times.

Included Apps

We’ve got them all for free – WordPress, Joomla, Druple and over 150 more popular scripts.


You can start small and scale up as needed without having to reinstall anything.

Domains and Emails

We provide full domain name registration services and excellent services for all domain name extensions that you could possibly imagine.

Great Support

We have been at this since 1999. We know what we are doing and are available 24/7 Powerful Tools – We have the raw compute resources and the best backup tools available for all of our clients.

Real Cloud

We use the latest Proxmox cloud platforms – endlessly expandable worldwide. Powerful Tools – We have the raw compute resources and the best backup tools available for all of our clients.

Our Web Hosting Process

How We Can Help Your Business?

Check out our battle-tested service processes and toolkits that will keep your website running at peak efficiency.

Website Speed Analysis

Our Web Hosting experts will do an in-depth review of your existing website, understand the structure and see how we can we speed it up.

Web Server Optimization

We continually monitor our servers’ performance watching for overloads caused by hacker attempts. We apply the latest tech to insure stability and speed.

Firewall Defence Systems

We provide the latest in Firewall software tools protecting your web sites from hacker attempts.

Reporting and Maintaining

We provide customized and transparent monthly reports to you to keep you in the loop and ensure you fully understand the status of your web site health and operation.

We’re as GREEN as you can get.

How Can We Say That?

We use The cleanest power possible


Green Energy – Guilt-Free Web Hosting

We use eco-friendly data centers and servers, our servers use the energy we consume from the water dam Hydro Electric power grid. Your website will be green when hosted on our platform. You can feel good that you’re making a difference.
Our web servers are hosted in British Columbia, Canada where 100% of all of our electrical energy is generated by gravity-fed water dam Hydro Generators.

Our Web Servers Run on the Best Technology Out There

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